5 best practices to ensure that your team remembers every bit of what you’ve taught them.

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So, you’re in charge of a training session for a new teammate. It’s likely that you’re an absolute pro at the process or task you’re about to teach — which is why you were chosen to pass it along to someone else. Rock on!

Now, for the tricky part: how do you share your knowledge in a way that someone else can easily grasp and retain? Effective training requires more than simply demonstrating a process or verbally recapping information. Psych research shows that learners need specific cues in order to truly internalize new information and put it to work.


Inbuilt business resources for when members need them most.

Un-lonely coworkers in Arlington Heights, IL

Coworking has some *obvious* perks. You know, the top drawer ones you use so often you almost forget how great they are: fresh roasted coffee on demand, flexible terms, interiors designed for productivity, and the lack of a laundry pile right next to your office desk, among others.

But coworking has some subtler resources too. These are the powerful intangibles of a suburban, community-focused workspace that your local turnkey office suite just can’t provide.

Let us name our top 5:

1. Inbuilt Networking Opportunities (Creative Collisions)

The best of the ‘burbs, with photos.

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Suuuure, we’re already a few days into fall. But where would Chicagoans be if not in perpetual denial of impending winter? To keep the spirit of summer alive, we polled our team to share their favorite suburban spots to help you soak in the last handful of days over 70. Here’s what they came up with:

First stop — Three Oaks Recreation center in Crystal Lake.

What I learned from workspace design experts on how to make WFH life bearable.

Happy collaborators from days of yore.

I get it. When you’re used to coworking, WFH life just hits different.

I miss my biga$$, size-of-Texas coworking flex desk.

I miss waltzing in after a rushed morning and having coffee already brewed up and ready for me.

But most of all? I really *REALLY* miss my lack of back pain. Apparently the bar stool I thrifted off Facebook Marketplace doesn’t have the same ergonomic qualities as a custom-designed, leather, 720-dollar conference chair.
(Friggin Ikea.)

SO, when the design team that dreamed up 25N Coworking’s space — Workplace Studio — offered to give a workshop on how to bring…

Your personality, as represented by a 25N Coworking space.

Find yours. Download. Express yo’ self.

For those with enough “je ne sais quoi” to pull off an edgy glass conference table with contrast carpet. You know who you are.

“What questions do YOU have” = your moment to shine.

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There are two kinds of questions you can ask in an interview: ones that win you the job, and ones that help you assess if you actually want the job. Here’s some in both categories that will instantly make you stand out from the other candidates, and ensure you don’t get stuck in a job you hate.

Questions that get at the heart of company culture.

  • In a phrase, how would you describe the culture of your company?
  • What do people within the organization love about working here?
  • What are you most proud of about the company?

Don’t settle…but also, settle.

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Last week, between tooth polish and fluoride rinse, my dentist asked how my job was these days.

“Oh gosh. I love it there.” (Cards on the table — this sentence was way less discernible in person.)

“Really?! Wow, I never hear anyone your age say that.”

Uhm. That’s devastating.

But I get it. Fresh out of college, I floundered towards the working world with nothing but a freshly minted B.A. in a field I wasn’t even sure I loved anymore and a small portfolio of management and marketing experience from high school/college jobs. I was directionless, desperate, and willing to…

…and other thoughts on productivity in shared workspaces.

I’ve recently become an object of derision among my coworkers for listening exclusively to Spotify’s “Rain & Thunder” playlist while I write. Even when it’s sunny and glorious out, I’m over here soaking in a self-subjected miserable rainforest of productivity. Before you pity me, note that we live in Illinois and get approximately 2.35 days of sunshine a year. So honestly, I get it. I’d ridicule me too.

But this is just what helps me be productive. I can’t write to music, guys. I just can’t.

Maybe you recently joined a flex workspace, or you’re a #coworking black belt just…

Laughter. Leftovers. Neuroscience.

I’m starting an experiment: it’s called the “never eat lunch alone” project.

It’s based on the premise that human connection isn’t just a condiment sprinkled on an otherwise good day, but the audacious idea we actually NEED CONNECTION TO SURVIVE. It sounds dire, like something you’d hear Sandra Bullock yell in Gravity as she floats hopelessly into space. But developments in neuroscience have increasingly proven beyond anecdote that we are — indeed — hardwired for connection.

AND, here’s the other thing: I work for — and within — a suburban coworking space. …

Sari Lash

Director of Brand & Culture @ 25N Coworking | Writes for Good Neighbors | Sparkles with a dash of cynicism.

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